Ho'omaika'i Laulima Massage and Bodywork


(aka the little pink booklet of Aloha)
by Serge Kahili King
copyright by Serge King 2003

You may view the contents of this booklet at  www.huna.org/html/aspirit.html .

I have found that scanning and reading it on a computer screen does not work well in integrating the ideas in this booklet.
It is essential that you hold a print copy in your hands, your fingers touch the pages as you read and contemplate on
every word and idea. Trust me, I have shared this with many people, and used it countless times. The tactile experience,
while being away of fast processing electronics, makes it possible to sink deeper into your body and heart so that this
method works.

I recommend you order a free copy in printed booklet form by emailing your name and postal address to huna@huna.org.

My name is Victor and am dedicated to deep, meaningful healing work. I have studied the Hawai'ian heritage and shamanic ways of healing since 1994. I have since studied dozens of massage, bodywork, and healing modalities, bringing the best that I can to all my clients.

My preferred massage work is Kaua'i Temple Style Lomi Lomi -- the ultimate massage and healing experience, which includes Hawai'ain chants, and protocols.

I offer custom massage work, including Deep Tissue massage, and spa treatments, similar to the spa where I work (Halele'a Spa, St Regis Princeville, Kaua'i)

I specialize in deep healing energy work and therapeutic bodywork.  It is hard to separate them as when the body and soul reveals what it is ready to process, it's all integrated. At times I refer to my work as "psychosomatic bodywork". At times I refer to it as deep trauma release work (all conditions have some form of physical, or emotional, or lifestyle strain trauma attached). In this more advanced work, I normally work through the myofascial tissue and bones (included cranio sacral therapy, and other methods). Myofascia and bones are the highest order tissues, more important than muscles, organs, and nervous system, although at times I put some focus on those as well.  I'm able to intuitively isolate the cause of problems and make a huge different to any complex case using my advance methods.


Articles on Lomi Lomi and Hawai'ian healing practices:

What is Lomi Lomi and how is it diffrent from other styles of massage?
Awakening Spririt in the Physical Body
Sacred Principles for Healing Yourself and Others
History of Lomi Lomi
The Way of Aloha
Healing Energy Practices Promote Connectedness
Hawai'ian Terms Important in Lomilomi
What Is Ho'oponopono?


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Victor Cloutier
Ho'omaika'i Laulima Massage and Bodywork

E ho'omaika'i i kea la'a kea me ke aloha mau loa 
Blessings of sacred light and everlasting love