Victor's Lomi Lomi Massage and Bodywork

Client Testimonials

That was absolutely incredible! Thank you Victor for the most heavenly massage!
Thank you again for one of the best massages in my life. Mahalo for your presence.
Victor you are a phenomenal healer!
~ Joyous P, Kaua'i

Loved your massage!  Very deep, felt your Presence of wisdom and Devotion which greatly enhanced the work for me.  Was still  feeling the effects into the next dayWould definitely recommend you to anyone!
~ Richard Diamond, Kaua'i

Dear Victor, I am in a state of stress free relaxation 72 hours after I received your Lomi Lomi Massage. Amazing! It was physically one of the most thorough massages I have ever had. It was also a very soulful healing experience.  I so appreciate the respect that was given to the spirit of Aloha. I also appreciate the respect given between you as a practitioner and myself as a recipient. Thank you.
~ Edelle S, Kaua'i

I wanted to tell you how relaxed I was after my session with you the other day. It really put me into another world. You are going to do great things with this work.
~ Somer W, Kaua'i

Victor's Lomi Lomi healing message is a true experience of connecting mind, body and soul, in the very Authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi style. I am very blessed to have been able to experience it and embrace it! I'll definitely be back for more!
~ Karen K, Kaua'i

Victor your technique and healing abilities transcend anything I’ve ever experienced before. You have the highest respect for your clients and an amazing ability to deliver exactly what they need. It was a blessing to learn Lomi Lomi with you and then to receive it from you. I cannot wait to come back to Kauai again!!
~ Melinda C, Australia

Victor's extensive knowledge of the body and how it works make for an excellent massage, but his communication skills and intuitive touch make it just right for the individual fortunate enough to be on his massage table.  Because I live with extensive, body wide, chronic pain I was concerned that Lomilomi would be too aggressive for me.  Victor was very careful and responsive to my needs, avoiding too much pressure on ultra sensitive areas yet enough pressure to release active trigger points in muscle and fascia.  I felt both relaxed and energized after my massage.  Fully functioning, athletic body types to extremely sensitive body types - and everything in between -  like mine can benefit from Victor's intuitive Lomilomi style massage.
~ Lori D, Kaua'i

Aloha and Mahalo Victor for your deeply inspiring and healing work.
Your work feels like an offering which comes from a loving heart.
Not only your good intentions and sensitivity, but also your fundamental knowledge and thirst for truth help me on my healing journey.
It makes me more healthy and whole.
You help me being more aware and working with you opens my eyes every time a little bit more.
You deeply care for your clients and the universal love.
~~ Let us all be in touch with the essence ~~
~ Stefanie
, Germany / Lomilomi